Thursday, January 21, 2016

Johan Speaking Academy - Kids Public Speaking

Johan Speaking Academy..
A great place for the kiddos,
To learn how to developed,
Their public speaking skill...

Little Emcee,
From Johan Speaking Academy,
Is able to speak up confidently..

Here's the benefits of Public Speaking...
- Builds self confidence
- Builds self esteem
- Improves verbal communication skills
- Increases vocabulary
- Improves information processing
- Helps children organize their thoughts
- Promotes interpersonal skills
- Increases comprehension
- Gives child a sense of empowerment
- Diction / pronunciation / articulation..

Co-Founder, Miss Cherry Ho,
With the lucky draw winner,
During Kids Public Speaking Expo..

 Kids are creative and expressive...
They have many stories to share..
But yet..
Sometimes fear gets in the way..
When they are in public..
They feels shy...

Public speaking helps them,
Build confidence,
And be a better communicator...

Look at how well...
The students from Johan Speaking Academy..
After attending a short course...

Besides listening to the speakers...
The expo are filled with fun activities...
Special photo booth..
The plants many smiles on the students' faces..
1-2-3 Cheese!~

Collaborate with book launch..
And they are selling it,
With a worthy promotional price....

The kids are exploring...
Interesting 3D cards..

Vote for the best.....
And may the best emerge..
As the top speaker....

Everyone whom completed the courses,
And presented on their public speaking skills on stage,
Walk away with a trophy and a certificate..
For the excellent performances..

Well done!

For your information:
Johan Speaking Academy
Will be having their next intake,
In March...
Either every Saturday or Sunday for 2 hours,
Especially for kids 7-12 years old....
For more information...
Kindly hop over to the link below:


  1. good place for kids to learn. my son attended and love it.

  2. this is a good opportunity for our kids to take a step forward and be more confident by learning public speaking... thumbs up... thanks for the share

  3. great job to all the kids....not easy to do public speaking..

  4. What an awesome course for kids to improve on their public speaking. Everyone needs the skills and it is great to start them young.

  5. This is a very good school holiday program for the kids to learn and boost up their confident on stage.

  6. Wait for my baby to reach that required age. I would definitely send him to explore this program

  7. interesting speaking course!
    make the kids more brave and confidence!

  8. this kinda things must start from young. good info

  9. good for kids speaking on public
    make them more confident trust them self brave
    and motivate.. gd job

  10. It's always best for kids to start their public speaking from young. It motivates them to be more confident and brave in front of a large crowd, plus in the long run, it boosts their morale very well too :)