Friday, May 27, 2016

Herbaline Puchong - Spa Party

It's really relaxing..
To have a spa party,
Right after working hour...

Visited Herbaline Puchong,
For the first time....
My second visit to Herbaline..
First visit was in Pandan Indah branch..
It's indeed a very wonderful relaxing session..

Warm welcome by..
Beautiful girls!~

Had a shoulder and hand massage...
So~~~~ Comfortable!~

Soaking tired feet..
In warm sea salt water...
For 5 minutes...

A foot bath:
Effective anti-bacteria,
Foot Spa...

Something very special...
Sea Salt Room..

I know,
The photo looks a bit dark..

Camera break down..
Sent to 'doctor'..
Snapping using phone only~~
Sorry for the quality ya...

But I can ensure you that...
The environment is super comfy...
Playing around hiding feet,
Inside bunch and bunch of sea salt...

Washing time...
After coming out,
From the sea salt room..

Peeping their facial rooms..

 As well as massage room...

A word from Marc,
Before proceeding to..
A yummy feast...
In MamaKim next door!~

Stay tune for my delicious post ya!~

For more information on Herbaline:
Kindly visit:
Or their facebook:

Monday, May 23, 2016

Barbie: World Of Endless Possibilities

World Of Endless Possibilities Exhibition...
Media Launch......
In Sunway Pyramd, 
Orange Concourse...
Launch Opening Stage act...
By Students from Lorna Whiston...

You can be anything!~

On-stage sharing session..
Of substance of today..
Emcee Belinda Chee,
Celebrity Chef Anis Nabilah,
Fashion designers from Azura Azwa:
Azwa Elena & Azura Liyana,
And Country Manager of Southeast Asia:
Petrina Kho....

Group Photo..
With Anis Nabilah,
Azwa Elena,
Azura Liyana,
Petrina Kho..
Carol Chua (Country Manager of Toy "R" Us)
And students from Lorna Whiston

The exhibition mainly covers:
Barbie Around The World..
Barbie Imagination,
Barbie Careers...
Barbie Then & Now,
Barbie, The Muse,
The Evolution of Barbie...

Barbie Around The World...
Barbie has imprinted herself,
Into pop culture,
And society around the world..
Barbie Around the World
Features her in prominent pop culture,
And societies around the world...
Truly impressed,
By the collections of Barbie..
From very limited edition...
To the very beautiful Barbie...

From 1959,
Where Barbie makes her debut,
At toy fair in New York City...
Until now...
Barbie's every girls..
All time favourite...
Scotland Barbie..

Barbie Imagination:
Barbie knows there's no dream too big..
Or wish too far-reaching..

Barbie's imagination showcases,
Some of wildest adventures,
Serving as inspiration,
For every girl to live out their dreams..
And make a different...

Jewel Hair Mermaid Barbie..

Rock 'N Royals..

Secret Agent..
Looks super cool...

Barbie Careers...
Truly fit the theme of..
You can be anything!~

For more information..
Hop over to...

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Esse Organic Skincare

Esse Organic Skincare....
Is passionate about skin science....

Most people associate probitoics (good microbes),
With maintaining a healthy gut...
But new research is revealing that..
Synergistic microbes,
Are also fundamentally linked to skin health...

The Human Microbiome Project,
Has discovered that optimal skin health,
Is dependent on the presence of..
Trillions of microbes living on, and in, our skin...

Probiotic Serum and Defence Moisturisers,
Are two of the Esse products,
That's found in The Plus Range...
A further scientific breakthrough,
In the Esse Plus line,
Is in the form of a highly potent new plant ingredient...

The products are sealed...
For true protection...

Probiotic Serum..
It contains more than
One billion live probiotic microbes per millilitre.
A spectrum of probiotic species,
That are integral to skin health,
And incorporated them..
Into this ground-breaking formulation..

Probiotic microbes are activated,
On contact with water on the skin..
Once active,
They equip the skin,
To rectify imbalances,
And strengthen barrier function,
For a firmer, fuller, more resilient skin..

This serum,
Is suitable for all skin types,
Through its highly evolved action,
of creating biological equilibrium,
It is exceptionally effective,
For skin showing any form of stress....

Applied small amount to the skin,
Twice daily before moisturising..
And see the amazing effect!~

This is such a great product!
I truly believe in how probiotic,
Did for our great health...
Now only I notice,
It really can improve our skin health as well!~

Remember to try out this amazing serum,
And encounter the power of probiotic!~
It's really super!!

Defence moisturiser,
Gives daytime protection,
From pollutants,
In a nourishing but light formulation,
Suited to all skin types..

Prebiotic and probiotic ingredients,
Imporve barrier function,
By bolstering the formation
Of tight junctions in skin cells..

An extract of Devil's Claw,
Is used to modulate skin's
Inflammatory response,
Which slows the ageing process,
And a targeted extract of Kigelia,
is added to firm the skin,
And improve elasticity!~

I'm truly impressed,
With the immediate effect,
After applying...
Esse Plus Range's products on my skin...

For more information,
Kindly check out..

Monday, May 16, 2016

DocLab Premium Face Ampoule

DocLab Premium Face Ampoule,
Made in Korea...
Is now available in Malaysia...
It's one of the best ampoule I can find,
In Malaysia now..
This ampoule is formulated..
In South Korea,
And certified by Malaysia's Ministry of Health...

DocLab's Face Ampoules,
Are made of natural ingredients...
Alcohol free,
Paraben free,
Silicone free,
And animal ingredients free...

It contains,
Sodium Hyaluronate, Ginseng,
Collagen, Aqua, Aloe Vera,
As well as Arbutin...

DocLab Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule,
Penetrates upper layer of skin when applied..
It penetrate to the dermis,
Thus boosting the elasticity and hydration fo the skin...

The protective barrier on the skin locks in moisture,
Which gives the skin a youthful appearance...
It effectively reverse the signs of aging:
No matter it's forehead lines, frown/ brow lines,
Crows feet, Mouth frown lines or even neck lines...

Hyaluronic Acid (HA)
Is anti-aging nutrient..
It is known as hyaluronate..
And is found in every part of the body..
HA is a gel-like water holding molecule...

Once applied the face ampoules,
There's no need to apply any other creams or moisturizers..
As it's rich enough for our skin...

After using for 5 days consequently:

It even out skin tone,
Keep skin hydrated,
Retain Skin Moisture,
Reduces fine lines and wrinkles,
Boosts skin elasticity,
And creates fullness and youthful skin...

For purchase,
Call or watsapp Ms Lim at 019-2062386,
With RM50 online discount promo code "DocLabBeauty"

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Legoland Star Wars Day - Mini Lego Millennium Falcon

The Largest Lego Star Wars Days...
In the Region..
At Legoland Malaysia...

After contributing our parts...
We head towards Lego Academy...
To build the mini lego Milennium Falcon...

The best part is:
We can bring this home...
As a little souvenir of our visit...

Queuing up...
To take the instruction manual..
And also the bricks!~

Fixing time!~
Not too complicated for me...
It's really fun!~

Ta Da! 
My version of....
Mini Lego Millennium Falcon!~

Looking forward...
For the building of Giant Lego Tie Fighters,
For the coming weekend...

Plan a trip to Legoland..
At 7 and 8 May,
If you wanna join this fun!~

Get extra freebies..
When you purchase Lego Star Wars Merchandises!~
During Lego Star Wars Days!~

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