Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Legoland Star Wars Day - Mini Lego Millennium Falcon

The Largest Lego Star Wars Days...
In the Region..
At Legoland Malaysia...

After contributing our parts...
We head towards Lego Academy...
To build the mini lego Milennium Falcon...

The best part is:
We can bring this home...
As a little souvenir of our visit...

Queuing up...
To take the instruction manual..
And also the bricks!~

Fixing time!~
Not too complicated for me...
It's really fun!~

Ta Da! 
My version of....
Mini Lego Millennium Falcon!~

Looking forward...
For the building of Giant Lego Tie Fighters,
For the coming weekend...

Plan a trip to Legoland..
At 7 and 8 May,
If you wanna join this fun!~

Get extra freebies..
When you purchase Lego Star Wars Merchandises!~
During Lego Star Wars Days!~

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  1. I was offered an opportunity to participate in Legoland's Star Wars activities. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the time. Thank god I am not a huge Star Wars fan.

  2. Good to know about this, I was actually planning a weekend getaway to Legoland this week! ��

  3. Whoa! that Einstein lego sculpture is epic la!!

  4. i always wanted to go legoland but yet to have the chance. looks like a very nice place for family.

  5. oh no miss all the fun. left only the last activity right? it ended on the 31 may

  6. these people are soooooo talented. Legos are small but they managed to get the face :'D

  7. I want to visit here. This place look fun to come with children.

  8. Wah so nice. Visit Legoland again! Lovely event

  9. nice , kids love starwars & legoland

  10. My children love to go to Legoland. With the activities going on, we should plan a trip there.

  11. STAR WARS fans here!! Thanks for sharing. Will pay a visit soon =)

  12. Legoland is a great place to take kids. It assures complete family fun!

  13. so nice... I missed out on this opportunity because it came too late and my aunty and all made time to celebrate mothers day and my daughter's 21st birthday... huhu

  14. All the Lego in Legoland looks so huge and amazing! This is a good news for those who like Star Wars and Lego hehe!

  15. I have been to legoland when it opened 3 years back and good place to enjoy.

  16. never been Legoland ~ Nice lego of Albert Enstein~ i tell my friend who love star war this great news..thanks for the sharing ^^

  17. Wish I am there at Legoland now, I love Star Wars so much!!

  18. Looks like I know what to present to my male friends / boy cousies as I'm sure most of the guys love legos right? I do present my man a lego Gundam before and he loves it more than me... =.=

  19. Been to legoland few years back, fun place to visit! :D

  20. so nice i wish i can go there too

  21. Haven't been to Legoland. Not really a huge fan of lego. But this is so amazing!

  22. wooo nice..my husband gonna love this...

  23. Huge star wars fan here, thanks for sharing about it!