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My June School Holiday in Genting

Finally... June School Holiday, Is approaching to an end... My holiday is well spent... With loads of fun and excitement.. Meeting up with go go power rangers!~ Pink is always my favourite... And she really show what's girl power, During the live show I watched, In Genting International Showroom.. The show will still on going, Until 26 June 2016... I can assure you that, This is a show worth catching up.... Even after school reopen!~ Besides meeting Power Rangers, I also had a great spacetastic adventure.. In First World Plaza..... Meeting these two little characters, From Ice Age... And snapped a photo with them.... Had a wonderful buffet dinner, At Rajawali, Awana.... Remember our back to nature retreat ? Now we had a little preview.. On our Rainforests..... A little closer to the nature, Before we head back to KL... I'm always grateful... To be one of Genting Kid Bloggers... Never ending fun-filled, Yet educative adventure