Saturday, July 30, 2016

Dr Morita Mask

Dr Morita Collagen Mask:
Repair Essence Facial Mask...

It contains Hydrolyzed Collagen,
Which promotes hydration capabilities,
And moisturizing effects,
Increases skin's firmness and elasticity,
And smooths out fine lines effectively...

It contains also,
Palmitoyl Tripeptide,
Which repairs, firms,
And helps to minimize,
The appearance of fine lines...

It also contains,
Organic Sambucus Nigra Flower Extract,
Which is certified by,
It is a special European organic herb plant,
That contains flavonoids,
Phenolic acid and tannins ingredients,
Which are good for soothing sensitive skin,
And have repairing efficacy.

Besides that,
It also contain,
Organic plant extracts,
From the European Alps,
Suitable for soothing sensitive skin,
And has repairing efficacy.

Dr Morita Nonapeptide Mask...
Whitening Essence Facial Mask..

It contains:
Which can prevent the formation of melanin,
Thus reducing the production of dark pigmentation.

It also contains,
Coix Lacryma-Jobi (Job's Tears) Seed Extract,
Which provides skin conditioning,
Moisturizing and whitening effect...

It contains also,
Organic Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract,
Which is Certified by France ECOCERT),
It conditions skin,
And balance skin moisture level,
Making skin supple and moisturized.

Besides that,
It also contains..
Organic Sambucus Nigra Flower Extract,
Which is also found in the above Collagen Mask..

Dr Morita,
Exclusively found in,
Guardian Malaysia Nationwide..
Contains natural formula...
It is technically support by,
Dr Jou Biotech Corp, Japan..
And it is made in Taiwan...

Each packaging contains..
5 pcs of mask...

Selling only at RM22.90

Will like to try out..
Dr Morita watery cream next round,
With RM39.90...

Cleanse face..
Apply mask on the face,
And leave it for 10-15 minutes.

Remove and gently massage,
Around the face area,
For the essence,
To be fully absorbed,
By the skin..

It is not necessary to rinse off..
For best result,
It can be used daily..
It's everyday!~

Look at the mask,
It's so thin,
It's so moisturized...
Fits comfortably on face!~

Pretty like the refreshing feels,
After using it...

Dr Morita specializes,
In facial mask,
Using medical-grade natural ingredients,
And high quality of Tencel Silk Cotton mask,
To pamper and nourish skin.
It is No. 1 best selling facial sheet mask,
In Hong Kong & Taiwan..

There are 13 series of facial sheet mask,
And 2 watery cream (sleeping mask) in Malaysia..
Exclusively in Guardian Nationwide..

For more information,
Kindly hop over to
Dr Morita Facebook Page...

Friday, July 22, 2016

Our Performance Day

It's our performance day!~

Kor kor played..
"A Song of Erin"
By Thomas Dunhill...

And duet with mummy,
Playing "The Magic Calliope"
By Melody Bober...

I perform 2 songs:
"A Lonely Tunnel"
And "Beach Ball Bouncing"
2 very contrast songs:
A very sad and blue song
A very catchy happy song...
Both by EM Burnam...

It's indeed a wonderful day....

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Scholastic Pig The Pug

A story about Pig the Pug...
And how he changed...
From a greedy and selfish...
To a pig that shares his toys..
With Trevor the dog...

Look at how selfish Pig is...
It's all Mine, Mine, MINE!~

You're not gonna expect...
How's the way,
He learn to share...

Go get the book,
And read it..
I guaranteed,
You'll be entertained...

A hilarious book,
About learning to share..
From the much-loved,
Award-winning Australian Author:
Aaron Blabey..

Monday, July 11, 2016

TGV Family Friendly - Ice Age: Collision Course

We went for another movie outing...

Our first time...
Trying out Family Friendly Weekend...
At TGV Cinema...

You must be wondering..
What's Family Friendly Session: 
Normally it's on 11am every weekend...
With brighter hall,
Softer audio,
Diaper changing table..
And if you're lucky enough...
With running toddlers,
And crying babies!~

I think it's a great idea..
To gather all the family together...
At least,
Those whom went to cinema without kids,
Won't be disturbed by kids....

Ice Age: Collision Course...
A very funny movie..
Just nice for the whole family...

I love the part..
When Peaches are growing up...
And Manny and his partner,
Have to learn how to 'let go'...

It's truly a great challenge for parent...
To know what kids need at all stages of growing....
Loving them the way they wanted to be loved...

As usual,
I won't describe more about the story line..
Go to cinema and grab your tickets..
And have a fun-filled time laughing together!~