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Sumber ayu

Sumber Ayu, Natural care.. For healthy Feminine Hygiene... Improved formula, With extra protection.. And fragrance..... Sumber Ayu Feminine Hygiene Wash, With Betel Leaf and Floral extract, Is a new formulation, That is gentler.. And gives extra protection.. With more refreshing floral fragrance... It soothes, refreshes, And protects intimate area, To stay comfortable and confident all day long... This special formulation at pH3.5, Makes it safe for daily use... Sumber Ayu Feminine Hygiene Wash, With Betel Leaf and Gambir Extract... Pour a little liquid on palm... And wash intimate area... Rinse with water until clean... Sumber Ayu Feminine Hygiene Wash, With Betel Leaf and Rose extract... This product is brought to you, By Wipro Unza, And it is certified HALAL by JAKIM... It is sold at RM3.60 (90ml) And RM5.80 (200ml) It is available in... All supermarkets and pharmacy....

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Amez Care

Amez Care Functional Sanitary Pads.. Which consist of: Amez Day (10's) Amez Night (12's) Amez Pantyliner (30's) Contains herbal ingredients, Such as: Aloe, Peppermint, Tea Plant, Chamomile and Lavender.. The opening of the packaging, Is very hygenic... Can always stick back, After take one piece out.. It has unique 3D ergonomic leg cut, Peforated ultra soft top-sheet, Functional chip with Anion, Far-IR, Nano Silver, Natural antibacterial action, With herbal extracts, Sterilized upper dust-free protective layer, Ultra thin "Super absorbent Polymer" SAP Layer, Sterilized Under dust-free protective layer, Breathable, 100% anti-leak, Strong adhersive, Glue and PE Waterproof release paper, Shield backteria wrapping.. For more information, Kindly visit

Shiro Waki Hime

Received sample, From Asia Largest Beauty Review Community.... First time heard of this product, And first time trying out this product: Shiro Waki Hime, Whitening cream for armpits.. With Shiro Waki Hime, There'll be no fear of wearing.. Sleeveless clothes anymore!~ The best part is, Besides armpits, Can also use on knee caps, Elbow and other dark skin area... It turns dark and rough skin area, Into white and smooth... After apply the cream and rub gently, Until the dirt comes out... If armpits are white and smooth, Can raise arms confidentaly!~ Very great cream, With 4 functions in 1: Dirt absorption, Peeling, Whitening, Moisturizing... Dirt absorption: Apply small amount (bean size), Over the armpits, And wait for 10 seconds... Absorb dirt and dead skin, By clay component.. Peeling: After 10 seconds, Rub gently to remove dirt and dead skin... Whitening: Instand whitening effect by Titanium Oxide, Imperative and safe