Monday, October 17, 2016

Astalift Moist Lotion by Fujifilm

Fujifilm Corporation..
Takes anti-aging skincare,
To the next level..
With its revolutionary Astalift Moist Lotion..
Astalift Moist Lotion..
Boost skin collagen metabolism,
With Nano Vitamin Ax

Welcome speech,
And launching by...
Regional Marketing,
Satoru Nishimura-san

 Introduction of..
Astalift Lotion,
By Ms Yumiko Komiyama,
Training & Marketeing Support,
Fujifilm Tokyo...

Unveiling of..
Astalift Lotion..

It's Nano Vitamin Ax,
Combines Vitamin A,
With the antioxidant astaxanthin,
To product nanoparticles,
of the world's smallest level of 50 nanometers,
Dispersed in solution,
To form a nano-emulsion...

The new Astalift Moist Lotion,
Uses the 'Smart Refill"
Refillable catridge system,
Designed to keep the pump tube,
Unexposed during the refill process,
To ensure hygiene and prevent spillage..
The refillable container,
Reduces the use of plastic,
From previous models,
By approximately 60%,
And comes with a carbon offset credit,
To further reinforce Fujifilm's environmental initiatives..

More products,
From Astalift...

 Which one do you like?

The sets are perfect,
As a gift set!

Back to the all new Astalift Moist Lotion,
It is priced at RM148 for 130ml,
Inclusive of 6% GST.

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