Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Kinohimitsu 2-day speed cleansing

Special thanks to Watsons,
For delivering Kinohimitsu 2-day Speed Cleansing,
To my doorstep......

It is designed,
With a busy modern lifestyle in mind,
To help body to detox, boost immunity and beautify skin.
It is easy, delicious and packed with potent active ingredients..
To complement healthy eating plan.

Kinohimitsu 2-day Speed Cleansing,
Consists of:
4 packs of Cleanse & Shape,
4 packs of Cleanse & Boost,
4 packs of Cleanse & Beauty..

With this10 Cleansing Goodnesses:
1. Flatter tummy
2. Clearer & smoother skin
3. Improve energy levels
4. Reset metabolism
5. Natural weight loss
6. Improve digestive health
7. Improve insulin sensitivity
8. Boost immunity
9. Reduce cravings
10. Improve whole body well-being...

Cleansing plan:
Rise and shine: Drink 500ml of plain water
Breakfast: Cleanse & Shape x2
Mix with 250ml of water

In between: Drink 1 liter of plain water
Lunch: Cleanse & Boost x2
Mix with 250 ml of water

In between: Drink 1 liter of plain water
Dinner: Cleanse & Beauty x2
Mix with 250 ml of water

After dinner: Drink 500ml of plain water...

If neede, snack on healthy fruits and vegetables...

For flatter tummy...
The passion fruit taste is so yummy!~
Love this very much!~

Balance body pH...
Kiwi tasted so refreshing!~
Still delicious!~

Last but not least,
Canberry to beautify skin...

The whole process cleanse off toxins...

As you know,
Mummy never on diet...
She did eat in between...
But the results is still great!~
The most important part is:
These smoothies are super duper yummy to drink!!!~
Simply love the taste of these wellness smooth'd...
It's health jump start and reset!
With amazing results...
It is so easy...
A delicious & trendy way to detox!~

For more information on Kinohimitsu's products,
Hop over to Watsons store

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

RockStar Gym Rock-Out Workout

RockStar Gym,
For Kids and Teens,
Is now officially launched,
In Mines Shopping Mall....

Group photos...
With all the VIPs,
Including CEO of RockStar Gym, John Franklin,
COO of Rockstar Gym, Kwangho Choi,
Mr Marran and their main instructors:
Carol, Ipit and Nadia...
Together with all the cuties!~

Stylish post,
By Sasha Saidin and her little Adam...
Let's Rock-out Workout...

A wonderful session,
With the little guests....

Mascots and staff of RockStar Gym,
The team beyond the teaching expertise:
Various programmes and activities are coached,
Following international competitive standards,
Or syllabus set by their respective bodies...
RockStar Gym's programmes stands out,
As their classes are conducted,
Surrounding values to build,
A positive environment,
By creating winning possibilities,
For all children,
By defining success..
As each child's "Personal Best"
Allowing each child's physical development,
To take place at their own place...

The programmes are focused,
Fun, exciting and safe,
Catered to the development stages,
Of children as demonstrated through,
At the launch of their newest Club in The Mines...

For more information,

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Discover the secret of beautiful skin and captivating persona with Enchanteur Paris

Enchanteur Paris,
Sparks irresistible romance,
With selection fo French Inspired..
Fine Fragrances and body care products...

A wonderful gift set consist of:
Enchanteur Paris Mon Amie Whitening & refreshing Parfum Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 50ml
Enchanteur Paris Adore Perfum Deo Mist 100ml
Enchanteur Paris Belle Amour Triple Whitening Parfum Lotion 100ml

Enchanteur Paris Mon Amie,
Whitening & Refreshing Parfum
Anti-Perspirant Deodorant,
Keeps underarms fresh up to 72 hours,
With the triple protection of anti-perspiration,
Antibactirial and malodour protection.

Charmomile extract further soothes the skin,
As it quells itchiness,
And reduces redness after shaving.

It contains liquorice extract,
To help with skin lightening!~

It is infused with Enchanteur Paris Mon Amie fragrance,
With Menthol for cool and refreshing feeling...
It is non-sticky and gentle to skin!

Deo Roll-on,
Available in Belle Amour, 
Mon Amie and Adore range...
Selling at RM8.70 each...

Enchanteur Paris Adore Perfum Deo Mist,
Enhances fascinating beauty,
And provies 24-hour protection,
For total confidence all day long...

It contains no Triclosan and no Paraben..

I love the smells very much!~

Deo Mist available,
In 3 ranges as well...
Selling at RM10.10 each,
For 100ml

Enchanteur Paris Belle Amour
Triple Whitening Parfum Lotion
Infused with Enchanteur Paris Belle Amour fragrance,
With 5x instand fairness...
Contains Vitamin B3, Sakura and Liquorice extracts...
Non-greasy formulation,
No Alcohol, Triclosan, Paraben & MIT..

Enchanteur Paris Tube Lotion,
With Double Moisture,
Triple Whitening, 
Light & Fresh,
And Antibacterial care...
RM7.50 for 100ml,
RM16.95 for 300ml

Enchanteur is always my favourite product...
I bring it in my handbag everyday...
Just to make myself smell nice all time!~

Enchanteur products are available,
At all major outlets,
Supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies.
For more information,
Please log on to...
Or check out Enchanteur's facebook now!~

Friday, November 11, 2016

Lemuel beauty all in one cleansing tissue

 Lemuel Beauty,
"Convenience Cosmetics in Your Hands'
Is from Korea...
Targeting customers that are mainly busy people,
Regardless of gender...

Lemuel Beauty All in One Cleansing Tissue,
Is an all natural cleasing tissue,
That is soft and moist...

It is, individually packed for hygiene,
Moisturizes and nourishes,
Patented natural substance,
Natural fabric (tissue)
Contains Rooibos Essence,

Which is commonly known as 'Red Bush'
In South Africa...
It's benefits are:
Prevents skin disorders,
Reduce bacterial infections,
Promote Healthy skin,
Boost immune ssytem
And improves blood circulation..

Each package contains of 2 pieces of tissue.

Use the first tissue that has grove lines,
To wipe away all make up.
No force is needed,
Be gentle to skin.

After shower,
May just rinse face with water,
Towel dry and use the 2nd tissue,
Wiping it over face,
And let it dry naturally.

Ready for bed..
No need to apply anything else..
Easy isn't it?

For more information,
Kindly visit

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Comfort Zone Hydramemory Fluid

Expressing my gratitude to...
For sending over...
Comfort Zone Hydramemory Fluid...
Right to my doorstep...

I like the texture of the fluid...
It makes my skin super duper hydrating...
The best part is...
It is exceptional long-lasting hydrating...
Best for young skins and hot climates...

For application,
I just apply to my face and neck..
And even my hands..
Until it is fully absorbed..

This product is made in Italy,
With energy from renewable resources..
It is prolonged hydration face fluid.

This is my first time trying out..
Comfort Zone's product..
And I'm loving this!~

My skin is long term staying hydrating now...
Thanks to Comfort Zone Hydramemory Fluid 24h