Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Very highly recommended movie,
From me...
Especially I'm a ballerina-lover....

I know I know...
Everyone would have gone...
To watch Star Wars...
But as a cartoon lover,
Animation is always my first choice!~

The trailer said:
Dream big...
Believe in yourself..
And become a star...
Follow your heart...
And take the biggest leap of all...
Never give up your dream..

After watching the movie...
I have a different perspective....
In order for one's dream to come true,
She have to be with people,
Whom always believing in her dream,
No matter how crazy it is...

I personally think that:
Is the key to her dream comes true!~

You have to have someone to catch you,
Every time you fall...

Just believing in yourself ain't enough...
You have to have someone..
To walk through the path,
Together with you!~
And if you found someone like that..
Your dreams gonna come true,
Just the matter of time!~

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Professor Uniforms for Primary girl

We went back Professor Uniforms..
Yes.. Again...
After seeing and touching...
And wearing it for real for my gor gor...
My parents decided to get uniform for me,
In Professor Uniform, too!~

I won't doubt about their quality...
Their girl sets,
Are equally as good as the boys'!

For my blue belt.....
It even comes with 'double protection'...
What I mean is....
If in case one of the button drops off...
I still can bucket up my belt nicely!~

I can 'hide' my extra money...
Inside the pocket with zip...
I won't drop it accidentally anymore..
No more clumsy me!
Thanks to Professor Uniforms..

I really like to wear their white shirt...
It's extra comfortable..
Compared to what I wore last year....
Which is non-professor uniform...

I think my friends are going to envy me...
To have very comfy uniform to wear..
During school reopening....

Are you ready for schooling?

If you haven't get your uniform yet,
Hop over to Professor Uniforms,
And get your uniform now!~

Monday, December 19, 2016

Miss World Prestige International Pageant 2016

Honorary "Miss Prestige World Internation Pageant 2016"
Held at Menara Hua Zong...

The look of the newly launched,
Prestige Magazine..

Speech by
World Prestige International Honorary Advisor...
Tan Kee Hock..

Opening ceremony of...
"Miss Prestige World International Pageant 2016"
With the theme of
"The Beauty with Great Love"

Emcee of the day,
Together with the finalists....

Panel of judges includes:
Mrs Universe 2013 winner, Carol Lee;
Former Universe Malaysia 1st Runner Up Winner, Pauline Tan;
Former Miss Yachting Model winner, Elvina Chua,
Former Miss Malaysia Chinese Cosmos Winner, Stephanie Lee;
On FM VJ, Jason Phang;
Actor Luis Tan;
And World Champion of Harmonica, Kif Valentine.

World Prestige International,
Make charitable donations,
To Charity Group,
To facilitate the developments of Malaysia's Beauty industry.
The donations will contributed to..
Minority in the society,
Such as old folk homes,
Orphanage homes, disability homes and etc

This grand ceremony,
Has cordially invited,
Children from an orphanage home,
And it allows total 80 children,
To be able to enjoy precious gourmet food.

Each one of them,
Is earnestly offered with gifts!~

This really makes Miss Prestige World International Pageant,
More meaningful and more charitable...

Drum roll..
Waiting for result..

One of the winner,
Miss Popularity!~

The grand ceremony receives support by,
Numerous brands include:
Hai-O Enterprise Berhad,
Kavalan Whisky,
My Star Tea City,
Dragon Co.,
Dux Oriental Restaurant,
Club De Royale,
Malaysia STO,
Lee Siang Art Studio,
Tadom Hill Resorts,
deVouge Wedding Gallery,
Peekaboo Hair Professionals,
Vintage Collections,
Bermuda Niaga Sdn Bhd,
Spello Z.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

PSK facial night jelly with aloe vera

Special thanks to,
For sending PSK Facial Night Jelly with Aloe Vera,
All the way to my doorstep...

It's time to experience..
Youthful skin...
With Aloe Vera Jelly Face Cream product..
Which is enriched with Pentavitin,
Vitamin B5 and Aloe Vera Extract,
As the 3 main moisturizing ingredients...
The Co-Enzyme Q10,
Helps to nourish skin,
Reduce wrinkles immediately..
It also visibly reduces early signs of skin aging,
While providing intensive moisturizing care.

This product is used as,
The last step of maintenance at night.
Use finger to take a proper amount of facial jelly,
And apply on face evenly.
Gently massage skin in circular motion.
No need to rinse,
Let the skin fully rest,
Until the next morning..
It sounds like a night mask for me...

Likes the transparent jelly form...
It is non-greasy to touch..
And it feels refreshing when it touches my skin..
And absorbs the goodness of Aloe Vera almost immediately..

For your preference,
Maybe you can consider to store this product,
In the refrigerator..
Extra cooling effect!

Check out my review in bffsays,
Join and you may earn points by writing review,
And redeem beauty product for free!~

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

L’Oréal Matrix hair products

My new hair products:
Matrix Oil Wonders Shampoo
Matrix Oil Wonders Conditioner
Loreal Sealing Repair Lipidium...

The #1 American professional brand.
In the world empowers hairdressers,
All around the world..
With accessible innovation and education,
That are on the cutting edge..

The micro oil really did wonders on my hair...
It's not oily at all...
And it cleanses my hair thoroughly...

Matrix oil conditioner,
Is equally superb,
As the oil shampoo...

Both the shampoo and conditioner,
Are perfect partner....
To glow my hair!~

Loreal Sealing Repair Lipidium
The best product,
To restore hair's health!~
No more damage hair..
After using it...