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DC Super Hero Girls Walkie Talkies

Introducing..... My new toys: DC Super Hero Girls Walkie Talkies... Bracelets for communication... Each walkie talkie requires... 2 AAA (LR03) batteries... Turn on the blue button, And press the red button to start talking... "Dial Up' your favourite hero! By twisting the red/yellow circle... The most amazing part is, This is really a 2-way talking  Communication bracelet... It is not only super fun for playing, But also super useful when we go for outings... Can really page each other, With my new walkie talkie! Watch the full video, To see how I use the walkie talkie!~ Well.. For those who are still unaware of... Who's DC Super Hero Girls are... Warner Bros., DC Entertainment, And Mattel... Have joined forces.. To launch a ground-breaking franchise: DC Super Hero Girls... Welcome to Metropolis... Saving the world, From the plans of Super-Villians.. Isn't easy.... Introducing... Wonde

Eversoft - Cleansers that do more

Eversoft introducing.... Time saving products, That combines multiple cleansing steps, Into one product: Eversoft Tomato Micella Cleansing Water: Removes make up, cleanse and tones.. While Eversoft Yuzu 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner, Is perfect for those who do not wear make up... Both the products, Are formulated with Japanese Technology and ingredients, And they are paraben-free, SLS free, Alcohol free and mineral oil free... Eversoft Tomato Micellar Cleansing Water: Water-based is gentle yet effective in.. Removing make up and impurities. It is enriched with organic Tomato extract, Which is known for its anti-oxidation properties, To fight against free radicals, Due to UV and pollutant exposure, As well as to tone the skin and refine pores.. It contains Bio-Hyaluronic Acid, To retain skin moisture, And prevent water loss. It makes skin feel cleansed and moisturised. Doesn't require to rinse-off, Hence may skip the foam-cleansing and toner steps. App

Aiken Antibacterial Shower Creme

Aiken Antibacterial Shower range... Eliminates 99.9% harmful bacteria, And provides 24 hours germ protection, With every shower for mums and the entire family... Aiken Antibacterial Shower range, Introduced 4 new variants, Which is available in 900gm pump bottle, Selling at RM18.20 each... Aiken Antibacterial Shower Creme - Protect & Brightening ... The fusion fo sakura leaf and liquorice root, Brightens the skin naturally, Without being abrasive or harsh. Sakura leaf extract contains caffeic acid, And antioxidants, That strengthen the body's ability, To ward off oxidative damage to skin. I love the pampering spa effect, Of brightening skin treatment from Sakura Leaf, And Liquorice Root... Smell so refreshing after the 'spa'! Aiken Antibacterial Shower Creme - Protect & Puritfy Natural Bamboo Charcoal, Helps absorb skin impurities, By lifting dirt from deep inside pores, Leaving skin purified and cleansed... Bamboo Charcoal, With

Personalized Mother's Day Mug from BestSub Malaysia

Looking for a special gift, For mummy dearest, This coming Mother's Day? Here's a very great suggestion for you: Unique gift for mum... Personalized Mother's Day Gift, From BestSub Malaysia ... So, What's so special about this mug? It comes with nice creative "I Love You" "Happy Birthday" Or "Happy Mother's Day" design inside... The best part is, Able to personalized the mug... By printing family or mummy's photo... With word for expressing wishes, At outside.. Unique, isn't it? If your thinking is: Personalized gift, Must be expensive... It's totally untrue.. The whole mug, With this memorable gifts, Just cost RM30 only! Super affordable and reasonable! So... How to print a personalized gift, For mummy? Email Call 019-9858151 (Ms Elaine) Or 019-3231515 (Mr Steven) BestSub Malaysia, Liberty Printing Sdn Bhd (1080784-T) Sublimation blank Supplier: