Monday, January 22, 2018

Enchanteur Miniature Gift Set

Giving perfume,
Is like giving a large bouquet of flowers....
And it's much better...
As it can last long...
Concocted with various floral essences,
To create an impressive bloom of scent...

Delightfully-scented Enchanteur Gift Set,
Connotes intimacy and luxury...
Suitable for all celebrations:
Anniversaries, Festive, birthdays,
Achievements and appreciation days...

Travel-friendly EDT pack sizes of 15ml,
Makes the gift set great for surprises..
And easy to carry in a handbag!~

This fresh inspired fragrance,
Unfolds natural magic,
And inspred by the day-and-night concept...

During the day,
Mon Amie persona,
Jovial and approachable...
Which translates to the meaning of My Friend,
keeps a girl smelling pleasant and fresh..
With she's out and about...

When evening comes,
Prepares for night out,
With an irresistibly sophisticated scent,
Which will keep him spellbound...

The gift set is available,
In major retail stores nationwide and Lazada,
Priced at RM34.90 in West Malaysia,
And RM36.70 in East Malaysia...

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Bio-Oil with brand new look

The world's leading scar and stretch mark product,
Is back with a brand new look....
Has revealed a sleeker,
Contemporary look,
In its latest facelift...

Maintaining its signature white and orange colours,
The packaging now includes some brief information listed,
On  the box to accompany each of Bio-Oil's many uses.
Adopting a fresh, clean, no-nonsense look,
Similar to that of over the counter medications...
The brilliance of its design also manages,
To exude an approachable yet elegant aura..

Bio-Oil is available,
At all leading pharmacies,
And personal care stores nationwide,
In pack sizes of 60ml (RM34.95)
125ml (RM58.25),
And 200ml (RM79.45)

For mor info,