Thursday, October 18, 2018

SEKA Whitening + Cleanser

Trying out a new skincare brand, SEKA...
Products which manufactured in Japan...
SEKA is using the concept of fermentation,
To rejuvenate skin...
It was invented from..
A combination of Mt Fuji's Spring Water,
And Lactobacillus fermented liquid,
Designed to deliver the original power,
From food and microorganism to skin...

Now, let's try out...
SEKA Whitening + Cleanser (120ml)...

I'm loving it's transparent smooth texture of the cleanser...
Plus it smells truly nice, too!~

It improves the followings:
Spots (Skin blemish)

Most of all,
The product delivers whitening effects, too!

Amazing, isn't it?

Good news!
My readers / followers will get a 20% discount,
By just keying in the code 'KOLREFER20'
The discount code can be used on all online purchase,
With free shipping within Malaysia...
The code valid until 31 October 2018!

For more information,
Or Seka Skincare's Facebook & Instagram

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Watsons card celebrates 8th #Watsonsrewards Anniversary

Watsons card celebrates,
Its 8th #Watsonsrewards Anniversary...

Watsons' customer loyalty programme,
Continues to grow and innovate,
Throughout the years,
Where the benefits of membership have grown,
To offer more than special in-store promotions,
Discounts, and deals...
But has encompass,
A Watsons lifestyle experience of its own...

Watsons Elite membership,
Was launched early 2018,
Is a premium rewards programme,
That provides exclusive privileges,
That elevates the total shopping experience,
To the next level..

Benefits of Watsons Elite membership,
Include earning 5x points,
When purchase any Watsons branded products,
Earn 10x points,
When make first purchase,
At any Watsons store,
During birthday month....

At Watsons,
Women make up the majority,
Of valued customers,
And "All Things Girl"
Is a natural extension,
Of what the brand can offer beyond shopping experience.

TVB actresses Elena Kong, Zoei Tam,
Joyce Tam and Roxanne Tong...
At exclusive meet and greet session,
With Watsons Elite Members.

The 4th season of Watsons presents
"All Things Girl"
In-collaboration with Astro Wah Lai Toi
Featuring top Hong Kong TVB Artistes,
Will be aired soon...

The show keeps audiences abreast of,
The latest trends and happenings in beauty and health care,
Also covering relevant women's lifestyle issues,
Which airs this month, October 2018!

For more information,

Friday, October 5, 2018

Piolang 24K Gold Wrapping Mask at Althea

It's Althea unboxing time!~
My beauty box is full with masks!~

It's truly a really amazing experience,
When masking comes with Gold!!~
It's Goldtox time!~

Experiencing Pure Gold Treatment...
Luxury isn't it???

This luxury mask,
Helps to reduce aging effects of stress...

The gold ion is very similar to a light voltage in the body,
Which activate skin function..
When it touches the skin,
It infuses into skin layer,
To make skin healthy and vivid...

Piolang 24K Gold Wrapping Mask function:
-Purifies skin
-Revitalize skin
-Energize skin
-Remove bad cells

How to use:
1. Use the spatula to take out the required amount.
2. Apply evenly on your face (You may use a brush to assist)
3. Wait for it to dry up.
4. Peel off from bottom to up, gently with fingertips..

A little bonus here:
I get an Aloe Everyday Mask,
To moisture my skin!~

It's truly a pleasure,
Go go, Althea Angels!
Time to shop in Althea, again!~