Thursday, October 18, 2018

SEKA Whitening + Cleanser

Trying out a new skincare brand, SEKA...
Products which manufactured in Japan...
SEKA is using the concept of fermentation,
To rejuvenate skin...
It was invented from..
A combination of Mt Fuji's Spring Water,
And Lactobacillus fermented liquid,
Designed to deliver the original power,
From food and microorganism to skin...

Now, let's try out...
SEKA Whitening + Cleanser (120ml)...

I'm loving it's transparent smooth texture of the cleanser...
Plus it smells truly nice, too!~

It improves the followings:
Spots (Skin blemish)

Most of all,
The product delivers whitening effects, too!

Amazing, isn't it?

Good news!
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The code valid until 31 October 2018!

For more information,
Or Seka Skincare's Facebook & Instagram