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Green Herbology Massage Oil

Do you love massage? It's truly relaxing while having a massage, Especially when we're using the right massage oil... Introducing... My top 2 favourite massage oil... Wintergreen massage oil + Lavender massage oil... I'll let you know why these 2 are my favourite later... Firstly, I like the bottle used for Green Herbology.. So easy to use..  Just a pump or two on my hand.. And I'm able to apply it on my whole body..... So easy.. So convenient... Do you know why I like Wintergreen Massage oil? I always feel here pain there pain... And this massage oil always can sooth my pain.. It is reputed to increase circulation, Enhance metabolic function and digestion, Promote the body's detoxification, Calm inflammation and ease pain, Fatigue and tention... With combination fo analgesic and relaxant, Wintergreen will eradicate pain, And drive out stress and tension.. Bye-bye pain; Bye-bye stress; Bye-bye tension... By simply applying the oil liberally onto the skin.. Can massa

All I want for Christmas is... New Hairstyle @ e3 Salon, Masjid Jamek

  Christmas is just around the corner.... And all I want for Christmas is: A brand new hairstyle, @ e3 Hair Salon, Masjid Jamek ... Due to pendemic.... It's been one year ++  Since my last visit to hair salon... Time really flies, huh? Hurray!  I'm not in Santa's naughty list... Hahahahahaha.... I guess I'd been a very good girl all the while.. So,  Santa grant me my wish... Here I am...... Having scalp treatment, In my favourite Hair Salon... The best salon of all: e3 Hair Salon at Masjid Jamek... Oh Gosh, Take a look at the above photo, On my scalp condition... My clogged and blocked scalp... Awwww.... Luckily, My professional hair stylist,  Sam Poon is here..  To "rescue" my hair and my scalp.... Ta-da... Starting with... Killing unwanted bacteria on my scalp... Bye bye, bacteria!~ I can really feel.... Healthy scalp... And beautiful hair... Is waiting for me ahead... Gonna have a beautiful 'Crown' soon.. Thanks to Sam!~ Time to say bye-bye to spli

A Shiny Sparkling Smile in Just 14 Days with the New Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening Toothpaste

  Photo provided by Fresh & White White teeth and a shiny,  Sparkling smile have been the biggest oral care trend  Over the last decade,  Stimulated by the visual-driven social media environment.  During virtual meetings do you find yourself  Paying more attention and  Drawn to the person with the shiny smile?  Is your own smile ready for a Zoom close-up when you are on Teams?   Try this:  Smile widely,  Take a selfie,  Then zoom in for a closer look at your teeth.  If you notice stains or discolorations,  The new Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening Toothpaste  Can help you achieve whiter teeth  And a brighter smile at home in just 14 days,  And further helps to prevent stain build-up.     Fresh & White is from LION Japan,  The No.1 oral care company in Japan,  That is backed by 130 years of experience  In oral care development & innovation.   The smiling polar bear icon of Fresh & White  Is a mainstay of many Malaysian bathrooms,  Loved for its refreshing minty tast

Hada Labo's New H.A. Supreme Booster Serum

If you want to give your skin the glow it deserves,  It’s time to introduce booster serum into your daily skincare regime.  The booster serum can be considered a powerful fix  To resolve specific skin problems.  Unlike a normal serum,  A booster serum helps you to obtain results faster.  This is thanks to the ingredients that are concentrated in larger amount.  Serum is lighter in texture and thus delivers active ingredients quickly into skin.  It acts as a secreat weapon to treat skin issues  Such as dryness, dullness, fine lines, ance and other skin issues. Aiming to help women achieve beautiful and flawless skin,  Hada Labo,  The Japanese inspired skincare brand,  Has introduced the new level up H.A. Supreme Booster Serum. Hada Labo Booster Serum is infused  With 4 levels of premium Hyaluronic Acid (H.A.)  And concentrated ingredient  To help you boost the function of your skincare products  In fighting dark spots, fine lines and blemishes.  Through a study conducted by Hada Labo, 

Hada Labo ‘We Care for Nature’ Campaign pledges to replant forest trees in Kuala Selangor Nature Park

  photo provided by Hada Labo Hada Labo’s ‘We Care for Nature’ campaign  Is back for the second year in collaboration  With Malaysia Nature Society (MNS) and Watsons Malaysia.     photo provided by Hada Labo This year,  Hada Labo has pledged its ‘We Care for Nature’ CSR fund  To the replanting of forest trees in Kuala Selangor Nature Park  Where trees are scarce especially at the river bund area.  Kuala Selangor Nature Park has recently lost  A huge number of trees due to ecotourism.   photo provided by Hada Labo According to MNS,  Planting trees along the river bund is important.  In addition to offering habitat to the wildlife  And increasing the number of bird species,  The natural source of wood debris  And leaf litter will also provide food source  For fresh water organism  And help cool down the water temperature  For the otters and fishes in the river.      From 1 – 31 December, 2021,  Hada Labo will donate RM1  From the sales proceed of every Hada Labo Booster Serum  Sold at W

New OXY Anti-Blackhead Gel is Gentle on the Skin Yet Effective in Combatting Blackheads

  Photo provided by Oxy Blackheads and oily skin are amongst the top skin concerns faced by teenagers.  When teens hit puberty,  Their oil glands become overactive  Thereby resulting in the production of excessive sebum.  The excess sebum and built-up of dead skin cells  In the hair follicles then forms blackheads.   The need to use a facemask during this time of the pandemic  Can worsen one’s skin condition  As it traps dirt and bacteria underneath it.  Without proper care and treatment,  Blackheads will potentially lead to enlarged pores.   OXY the skincare brand for teens  Has introduced the new Anti-Blackhead Gel  That is specially formulated to treat blackheads.  It is gentle on the skin yet effective in diminishing blackheads  Which is usually found on the nose.   Effective ingredients found in its formulation include:         i.         Glycolic Acid (AHA) and Salicylic Acid (BHA) Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid are both active ingredients  That targets different layers of th

Hoyu - Celio Designing Colour

I wanna change my hair colour, To a colour that's more stylish, That can represent a brand new me... New hair colour, New image... Of course, Trying the new release from Hoyu, A premier hair coloring trend leader, Not only enjoys the largest market share in Japan,  But is also one of the leading providers  Of hair coloring and hair care products  In more than 70 countries around the world... Including Asia, Europe, the Americas, Middle East, Africa, Caribbean and Oceania.... The n ew release of Cielo Designing Color, That can color both black hair and gray hair beautifully  With it's special new formula... It's milky type texture  Is easy to spread the moisture to whole head.  It's so easy and quick to apply  With the new comb-nozzle design..  Dye hair is as easy as 1-2-3 now! Step 1: Mix the 2 mixture.. Step 2: Shake it.. Step 3: Apply on hair and waited for around 20 minutes...  Wash and blow hair like usual.... And see the result... Beside the comb to apply on hair

New & improved Hada Labo+ offers triple protection for sensitive skin

photo provided by Hada Labo Sensitive skin is an unpleasant sensory response that can cause.. Redness, itching, burning, stinging, tightness or dryness. According to a study conducted, sensitive skin is becoming more prevalent  With an estimated 60 to 70 percent of the women population  Suffering from some form of skin sensitivity.  There are many contributing factors to sensitive skin  Which among them include hectic lifestyle and stress. Hada Labo+, a specially formulated skincare range that targets sensitive skin,  Is offering those with sensitive skin a solution that not only soothes irritation  But also protects the skin from irritation as well as help strengthens  And repairs damaged skin barriers. With its philosophy of ‘nothing more, nothing less’,  The brand uses only ingredients that are beneficial to the skin,  With no unnecessary additives and manufactured under strict pharmaceutical standards,  Thereby improving skin conditions from the root cause and restore skin health.