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Cosmoderm Skin Lab - Perfect Balanced Range with powerful Duo Prebiotic & Calamine

Cosmoderm, A brand that's specializing in "Skin-Health Concern"  Skincare and body care products for 20 years, Is designed to provide customised solutions, To common skin problems such as acne and oily prone skin, Dry skin, pigmentation, sensitive etc... A brandthat caters to Target Customers, Whom believe Beauty Starts With A Good and Healthy Skin ... Comsmoderm has launched a new range: Cosmoderm Skin Lab Perfect Balanced , A range that's focusing on having healthy and soothing skin, With powerful duo ingredients Prebiotic and Calamine .. #SkinDependence Stands for "Break Free From Unhealthy Skin" Cosmoderm developed the right skincare range with Prebiotic, That is proven benefits for skin... A good bacterium that can be found in human's body and skin, To ensure that human's body and skin stay healthy. Like human beings, These good bacterias (Probiotic) needs food, To get healthy microbes back into balance. This food is called Prebiotic : Balance s