Thursday, October 21, 2021

Hoyu - Celio Designing Colour

I wanna change my hair colour,
To a colour that's more stylish,
That can represent a brand new me...

New hair colour,
New image...
Of course,
Trying the new release from Hoyu,
A premier hair coloring trend leader,
Not only enjoys the largest market share in Japan, 
But is also one of the leading providers 
Of hair coloring and hair care products 
In more than 70 countries around the world...
Including Asia, Europe, the Americas,
Middle East, Africa, Caribbean and Oceania....

The new release of Cielo Designing Color,
That can color both black hair and gray hair beautifully 
With it's special new formula...

It's milky type texture 
Is easy to spread the moisture to whole head. 
It's so easy and quick to apply 
With the new comb-nozzle design.. 

Dye hair is as easy as 1-2-3 now!
Step 1: Mix the 2 mixture..
Step 2: Shake it..
Step 3: Apply on hair and waited for around 20 minutes... 
Wash and blow hair like usual....
And see the result...

Beside the comb to apply on hair,
The set even comes together with gloves,
Shampoo and treatment conditioner..
Basically it's everything I need to dye my hair at home...
Complete set!

I like the way it fashionably covers gray, 
Look much more stylish and younger 
With the brand new colour I chosen: 
Mermaid pink

Cielo Designing Color contains Shea Butter, 
Jojoba Oil and Olive Oil, 
To ensure my hair is so silky smooth, 
Even right after coloring. 
Look at how smooth my hair are..
After my hair colouring session...
Just take a look at the before-after comparison...
And you'll definitely see the difference...

It combined with Color Lasting ingredients 
To prevent discharge of pigments 
And ensure long lasting results

Wanna have lovely hair colour, too? 
Cielo Designing Color is available 
At selected Aeon Wellness & Watsons stores.

Looking forward,
For your transformation too!~


Friday, October 15, 2021

New & improved Hada Labo+ offers triple protection for sensitive skin

photo provided by Hada Labo

Sensitive skin is an unpleasant sensory response that can cause..
Redness, itching, burning, stinging, tightness or dryness.
According to a study conducted, sensitive skin is becoming more prevalent 
With an estimated 60 to 70 percent of the women population 
Suffering from some form of skin sensitivity. 
There are many contributing factors to sensitive skin 
Which among them include hectic lifestyle and stress.

Hada Labo+, a specially formulated skincare range that targets sensitive skin, 
Is offering those with sensitive skin a solution that not only soothes irritation 
But also protects the skin from irritation as well as help strengthens 
And repairs damaged skin barriers.

With its philosophy of ‘nothing more, nothing less’, 
The brand uses only ingredients that are beneficial to the skin, 
With no unnecessary additives and manufactured under strict pharmaceutical standards, 
Thereby improving skin conditions from the root cause and restore skin health.

The improved Hada Labo+ Sensitive Hydrating range 
Features a new Soothing Formula with Triple Protection, 
Which works to Protect, Strengthen and Soothe skin 
Against environmental stressors. 

Key ingredients in the formulation include:
· Licorice Extract (a type of herb) that forms an invisible protective film 
   At the outer skin layer to protect the skin against irritants
· Ceramide to smooth, soften as well as strengthen and repair skin barrier
· Bisabolol Plant Extract to calm and soothe skin irritation & redness in just 4 hours

The Hada Labo+ Senstive Hydrating Range 
Includes a Face Wash, Lotion, Cream and Hydrating Milk, 
All of which are free of colorant, fragrance, alcohol and mineral oil. 
They are pH balanced and do not irritate the skin. 

The Hada Labo+ Sensitive Hydrating Cream, 
Which is the hero product of the range is a must have product as,
More than 86% consumers claims it helps soothe skin irritation, 
Redness and dryness in just 28 days.

Hada Labo+ Sensitive Hydrating Face Wash (100g)
This creamy face wash comes with the following benefits & features:
· Provides Gentle Cleansing to the Skin
Its soap free formula gently removes impurities, dirt and excess oil 
Without disturbing the skin’s natural moisture balance.
· Nourishes and Repairs
The face wash includes natural herbal moisturizing ingredients 
Such as Licorice Extract to maintain healthy skin 
And strengthen the skin’s protective barrier against environmental pollutants and stressors.
· Deeply Hydrates
This face wash is also formulated with Hyaluronic Acid 
That penetrates deeply into skin to intensely hydrate and restore skin’s moisture.

Hada Labo+ Sensitive Hydrating Lotion (170ml)
This lotion soothes and helps protect as well as provide double moisturizing to the skin. 
It contains Fermented Soybean extract, Trehalose (a type of naturally occuring sugar) 
And other protective ingredients to effectively protect the skin, 
Strengthen skin barrier and promote good skin health. 

Apart from that, 
This newly formulated lotion is also infused with 2 types of concentrated Hyaluronic Acid 
Which instantly penetrates deep into skin to fully hydrate the skin 
From the inner to outer layer, ensuring long-lasting hydration for the skin.

Hada Labo+ Sensitive Hydrating Cream (50g) for Dry Skin
This hydrating cream comes with a velvety smooth texture 
That leaves the skin feeling soothed, soft and supple upon application. 
It also provides the following benefits to the skin:
· Soothes & Protects
It contains skincare ingredients and multiple plant extracts 
Which can effectively help to hydrate, soothe 
And tackle 5 major sensitive skin issues 
(i.e., redness, dryness, roughness, tightness & easily irritated) 
To maintain good skin health.
· Provides 7x Moisture to the Skin
The Hydrating Cream includes 3 types of Ceramides, 
4 types of Hyaluronic Acid and other moisturizing ingredients 
Which instantly penetrate into skin to lock in moisture 
And fully hydrate it from the surface to inner layers 
For deep and long lasting hydration.

Based on a 20-day consumer test by Hada Labo, 
90% of the consumers have reported that the cream helped reduce redness, 
While 86% of them claimed that the product has helped soothed itchiness 
And reduced burning sensation on their skin, respectively.

Hada Labo+ Sensitive Hydrating Milk (90ml) for Oily/Combination Skin
If you have oily/combination skin, 
Then this hydrating milk is perfect for for you. 
Upon application, 
Its silky smooth, light weight milk texture 
Leaves the skin feeling moisturized and hydrated. 
Its key benefits includes:
· Soothes & Protects
It contains Bisabolol, European Bilberry Seed Oil 
And other protective ingredients to soothe dry & irritated skin, 
Strengthen skin barrier and promote good skin health.
· Provides 4x Moisture to the Skin
Apart from that, this hydrating milk is infused with 4 types Hyaluronic Acid 
Which instantly penetrate into skin to lock in moisture fully 
And hydrate it from the surface to inner layers for deep and long lasting hydration.

The following sequence should be incorporated in your skincare routine to achieve the desired result:
Step 1: Wash your Face with the Hada Labo+ Sensitive Hydrating Face Wash 
Step 2: Gently pat the Hada Labo+ Sensitive Hydrating Lotion until absorbed 
Step 3: Apply the Hada Labo+ Sensitive Hydrating Cream 
Step 4: Apply the Hada Labo+ Sensitive Cream if you have dry skin, 
Or the Hydrating Milk for those with oily/combination skin

Bid goodbye to sensitive skin with the latest Hada Labo+ Sensitive Hydrating range. 
The improved range with a new look is now available exclusively at Watsons nationwide.