Tuesday, December 21, 2021

A Shiny Sparkling Smile in Just 14 Days with the New Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening Toothpaste


Photo provided by Fresh & White

White teeth and a shiny, 
Sparkling smile have been the biggest oral care trend 
Over the last decade, 
Stimulated by the visual-driven social media environment. 
During virtual meetings do you find yourself 
Paying more attention and 
Drawn to the person with the shiny smile? 
Is your own smile ready for a Zoom close-up when you are on Teams?
Try this: 
Smile widely, 
Take a selfie, 
Then zoom in for a closer look at your teeth. 
If you notice stains or discolorations, 
The new Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening Toothpaste 
Can help you achieve whiter teeth 
And a brighter smile at home in just 14 days, 
And further helps to prevent stain build-up. 
Fresh & White is from LION Japan, 
The No.1 oral care company in Japan, 
That is backed by 130 years of experience 
In oral care development & innovation.  
The smiling polar bear icon of Fresh & White 
Is a mainstay of many Malaysian bathrooms, 
Loved for its refreshing minty taste, 
And long-lasting breath-freshening power.
The new Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening toothpaste 
Was developed with our digital lifestyles 
In mind that have made us hyper-aware of our appearance and our smile. 
Do you know that our daily food and drinks 
Are one of the culprits of stained teeth? 
More importantly as a nation of foodies 
Would you want to give these foods and drinks up?
The coffee, teh tarik, boba tea, fruit juices 
And carbonated drinks 
That fuel our lives and socialisation 
Are among the main sources of stains on teeth. 
Other pigmented, highly-flavoured food 
Such as curries, soy sauce, tomato-based sauces, 
Vinegar, lemon, beetroot, and colourful candies 
Contribute to stains on teeth.  
You can try to cut them out of your diet, 
Or simply switch to Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening toothpaste 
To keep your teeth whiter 
Tith confidence smile shiny and sparkling.

The revolutionary Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening toothpaste 
Is formulated with Japanese volcanic mineral 
And advanced whitening agent 
To effectively whiten teeth 
While being gentle to teeth enamel 
That helps you present a shiny, sparkling smile at all times.
Simple to use, 
Cost effective and without harmful side effects, 
Make the Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening toothpaste 
Part of your daily personal self-care routine. 

Take on the #FreshNWhite2WeeksChallenge. 
Brush for two minutes, 
Twice a day with Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening toothpaste 
As part of a good oral care routine for best results. 
You will see a brighter, more confident smile in just two weeks.

Figure 1: Comparison of Stain Removal Rate between Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening Toothpaste vs Leading Brand of Ordinary Toothpaste
The efficacy of Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening toothpaste 
Is proven with a stain removal rate 
More than double of ordinary toothpaste 
Through lab-testing  in Japan.

Figure 2: Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening Toothpaste is proven to remove stains better than ordinary toothpaste, results on artificial tooth enamel

Lab-testing involved twice daily brushing of two minutes per session 
On artificial tooth enamel:
Artificial tooth enamel is made of Hydroxyapatite (HAP), 
The main mineral component of human teeth enamel
Discs made of material that is similar to human teeth 
Using Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening on one set, 
And ordinary toothpaste on the other set. 
The results prove that Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening Toothpaste 
Is effective in removing stubborn stain build-up on artificial tooth enamel.
The benefits of Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening 
Go beyond stain removal as its Anti-Sugar Shield technology 
Is fortified with double fluoride to help prevent cavities 
By making tooth enamel more resistant 
To the action of sugar acids produced 
By bacteria and increasing remineralisation to strengthen enamel. 
With Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening toothpaste, 
Your shiny, sparkling smile is backed by stronger cavity-free teeth!
Photo provided by Fresh & White

Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening toothpaste 
Completes your shiny, sparkling smile 
With a burst of freshness with fresh mint taste. 
This sweet, well-rounded minty freshness 
Leaves the mouth and breath feeling fresh and clean, 
Giving you confidence in every breath, 
Even with your mask on!
Enjoy this affordable at-home teeth whitening solution 
For the entire family that whitens teeth, 
Helps prevents further stain build-up, 
While strengthening teeth 
And helping to prevent cavities 
As well as freshening breath for shiny, sparkling smiles.
Mandy Tan, 
Marketing Manager for Oral Care Department 
At Southern Lion Sdn Bhd says, 
“Bright smiles are the best asset for any social media feed 
But keeping our teeth free of stains is challenging 
Especially when so many of us love coffee, tea 
And the variety of delicious Malaysian food. 
Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening 
Is the perfect addition to you and your family’s oral care routine. 
It whitens, brightens, strengthens, protects your teeth, 
And freshens your breath, effectively and affordably. 
Try it for 14 days and you will see the difference. 
Be the confident star of your next virtual meeting for all the right, 
bright reasons with a shiny, sparkling smile with Fresh & White.”
Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening is produced 
Under the highest safety and quality standards. 
All Fresh & White products are Halal certified, 
Safe for use by Muslims. 
The 140g tube retails for RM6.10 
While the twin pack (2 X 140g) is available at RM10.50. 

To find out more visit http://freshandwhite.com.my .

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